The Ties that Bind- new resource on Chinese Canadians and the C.P.R.

A new online resource called The Ties that Bind gives historical information and images about the Chinese involvement in the building of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, head tax and exclusion, and the eventually success of Chinese Canadians:

“The Ties That Bind: Building the CPR, Building a Place in Canada examines the struggle of the Chinese Canadian community to establish an identity and roots in Canada. Through archival evidence and research of the men who came from China to build the transcontinental railroad in the 1880s, and the use of oral testimony of their descendants, The Ties That Bind preserves a seldom told part of Canada’s history.”

The historical stories are told along side oral histories from head tax payers and the descendants of head tax payers.  There is also a special section of Learning Resources.

Thanks to Brad Lee for bringing this terrific new resource to our attention!