Linsanity: the 1940’s version

Jeremy Lin is creating serious buzz in the sports world not only for being the first American of Chinese descent to play in the N.B.A., but for the inspiring Cinderella-esque story that has seen him go from sleeping on his brother’s couch to leading the New York Knicks to 7 straight victories.

While Chinese-Canadian athletic history is better known for soccer than basketball (read a description of Vancouver’s Chinese-Canadian soccer team on the Chinese Canadian Stories website) the Chung Collection does have one photograph of a Chinese-Canadian basketball team which won a championship in 1946:

We would love to learn more about this team, such as what league they played in, and whether this was their only victory! If you know something about this history and would like to share your knowledge with other Chung Collection researchers, please email us at, or leave a comment in the digital image.

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