Featured photograph: Fundraisers for UBC stadium

In homage to the return of UBC’s this September students, this month’s featured photograph is of a student fundraising group in 1931. The group of Chinese Canadian students were raising funds through a concert for a new stadium at UBC:

The place to go for university history is the University of British Columbia Archives, which is a branch of the library (and neighbours to us here at Rare Books and Special Collections/The Chung Collection, so you can visit them and us at the same time!). On their website, they provide both an alphabetic listing and a chronological listing of UBC buildings. According to the entry for the Old Stadium (since demolished) the Stadium was built in 1931 including funds raised by the Alma Mater Society. This benefits from this concert of Chinese students were presumably included in that fundraising campaign. The photograph was taken by Yucho Chow Studio, who photographed many Chinese-Canadian groups and families.