Remembrance Day: Remembering Hugh McLennan (1887-1915)

In honour of Remembrance Day, we here at RBSC wanted to share a few letters that a young man named Hugh McLennan wrote to friends and family during the First World War, as well as a final letter, written by his cousin Durie McLennan, giving an account of Hugh’s last days.

Hugh McLennan was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, onĀ 21 January 1887, the third child of John Stewart McLennan and Louise Bradley McLennan. He earned a degree in architecture at McGill University between 1905 and 1907 and also studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris before enlisting for service in World War I in 1914. He served as sergeant in the 5th Battery, 2nd Brigade of the Canadian Field Artillery and was killed in action near Ypres, Belgium, on 26 April 1915. He is buried in Ypres Town Cemetery. In 1928 the Hugh McLennan Memorial Travelling Scholarship in Architecture at McGill University was established in his memory.

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  1. Catherine Arseneau

    For related family information visit The McLennan family are well known in Cape Breton and Hugh’s sister, Katharine McLennan, credited with bringing to national attention the significance of Fortress Louisbourg where she served as volunteer curator for 30 years!

  2. cshriver

    Thank you so much for sharing this link and more of the McLennan family story!

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