ASTU 100 field trip to RBSC: Part One

RBSC is located in IKBLC, 1st floor. Come visit!

RBSC is located in IKBLC, 1st floor. Come visit!

We were happy to host several sections of the Co-ordinated Arts Program’s ASTU 100 class at RBSC this past term. ASTU 100 introduces students to the academic community and how its practices of scholarly reading, writing, and research produce knowledge. Instructors work closely with UBC librarians to offer CAP students specially designed workshops that introduce students to the UBC library system and train them how to do effective research for assignments and projects.

While all of the ASTU 100 students read Joy Kogawa’s historical novel, Obasan, and then visited RBSC to explore archival materials in the Joy Kogawa fonds, each section had a slightly different assignment. Professor Moberley Luger’s students were asked to write a blog post about their research experience at RBSC, and they have graciously allowed us to link to some of them here. Here is a sampling of the reactions that students in Professor Luger’s class had to their RBSC field trip:

I’ll be linking to more ASTU 100 blog posts next week. In the meantime, enjoy!

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