Harry Potter Stories

Farewell, Harry!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see our exhibition, Harry Potter and the Rain City, over the course of the fall. The exhibition came down at the beginning of this week, but the love for the Wizarding World continues (as evidenced by the release today of the Fantastic Beasts and Where […]

Sara G

Name Sara G Dear Mr. Potter, I’m a children’s librarian in Surrey. I remember when book 2 came out – it was the first year our libraries decided to purchase en masse very large quantities of a single title – 100 copies! Every morning staff would check how many requests were on the books – […]

Chelsea S.

Name Chelsea S. Dear Mr. Potter I remember going to pick up my pre-ordered copy of “Deathly Hallows” and smiling at all of the people I passed who also had the book under their arms as I walked home. I spent the day reading on a sunny porch until I had to leave to pick […]

“Dear Mr. Potter…with love from the Rain City”

We are delighted to announce a new exhibition curated by Rare Books and Special Collections at UBC Library, Harry Potter and the Rain City! The exhibition spans three UBC’s library branches and features books from the Harry Potter series that have been newly added to the RBSC collection, as well as stories and memorabilia from […]