Canadian Literature Collection

A collection of work by 19th – 21st century British Columbian and Canadian authors. Please see the UBC Library Rare Books and Special Collections General Guidelines for Collecting and List of Major Collections Print and Archival, (note: this is a Microsoft Word document) for more information.

The collection includes works by Malcolm Lowry in various editions; all first editions are present. Also included are critical and biographical works; theses written at other universities; and anthologies and critical works with some Lowry content. Books from Lowry’s own library form part of the collection. The chronological emphasis is from the 1930s to the present. This collection is an adjunct to the library’s extensive Lowry manuscript collection.


Combs, Judith O. Malcolm Lowry, 1909-1957; an inventory of his papers in the Library of the University of British Columbia. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Library, 1973.

The collection includes books and pamphlets of Canadian fiction, essays and poetry, many of them autographed. The fine collection of the works of Bliss Carman and Sir Charles G.D. Roberts is unique in that it contains comments by these Canadian poets who were personal friends of Pound. Other authors included are Annie Charlotte Dalton, Isabel Ecclestone MacKay, Robert Allison Hood and other Vancouver writers.

Pre-WWII, books by Canadian authors and books published in Canada Pre-WWII.

Rare Books and Special Collections has a small collection of the works of Ethel Wilson (1888-1980), with a complementary collection of works about her. This collection complements the Ethel Wilson manuscript collection.