Sara G

Sara G
Dear Mr. Potter,
I’m a children’s librarian in Surrey. I remember when book 2 came out – it was the first year our libraries decided to purchase en masse very large quantities of a single title – 100 copies! Every morning staff would check how many requests were on the books – this was big news across the system. Kids came to the library the day it was released who had their names on the waitlist. They knew it would still be months before they got the book, but they just wanted to be near the excitement … to sneak a peek at the cover or whatever. Our library was legally obliged not to let anyone see the book until the release date. Our collections dept had to sign off a legal document so that they could see it early (only 1 day early!) and catalogue and process all 100 copies. Everything came to a halt except cataloguing those books. Then, the next morning, release day, boxes of catalogued books were driven to branches by librarians. Circulation staff PHONED all patrons who had holds – 100 phone calls — since we had no other way to immediately notify patrons. That morning – someone in the Guildford Library shouted into the phone “are you OK?” When asked what was going on, the staff person said that the child was so excited to get the phone call they jumped so high on their bed while holding the phone that they bumped their head on the ceiling! Crazy times
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