Research Agreement

  • Terms and conditions of access:

    1) I understand that I am responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of all personal information found in the records I have consulted.

    2) Personal information contained in these records will not be used or disclosed for any purpose, without the express written permission of RBSC.

    3) Reports, papers, dissertations, or any other works describing the results of my research will be written and/or presented in such a way that no individuals in the requested records can be identified, and no linkages can be made between personal information found in those records and personal information available from other sources. There will be no exceptions to this rule without prior and specific written permission from RBSC.

    4) Unless expressly authorized in writing by RBSC, no direct or indirect contact will be made with the individuals to whom the personal information relates.

    5) Individual identifiers associated with records used in the course of my research, or contained in copies of them, will be removed or destroyed at the earliest time at which removal or destruction can be accomplished consistent with the purposes of my research described above. At the latest, this will occur prior to the publication or release of the results of my research.

    6) I understand that I am responsible for ensuring complete compliance with these terms and conditions. In the event that I become aware of a breach of any of the conditions of this agreement, I will immediately notify RBSC in writing. Contravention of the terms and conditions of this agreement may lead to the withdrawal of research privileges; RBSC may also take legal action to prevent any further disclosure of the personal information concerned. RBSC reserves the right to demand the immediate return of all records and to withdraw access to records without prior notice if necessary.
  • By applying my electronic signature above, I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions.
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  • Context: RBSC’s archival holdings include a large number of personal and business records acquired from various sources. These records contain information about the creator of the records, but also can contains personal information related to third parties who were not party to the donation and who have not given their consent for information related to them to be available to the public. Disclosure of this third party information could be considered an unreasonable invasion of a third party's personal privacy. For this reason, rather then close or restrict records with third party information, RBSC requires researchers to complete a research agreement before accessing our archival documents. The research agreement requires users to maintain the security and confidentiality of all third party information they encounter during their research.

    Scope: This agreement pertains to:
    • all third-party information where the individual concerned has been deceased less than 20 years, or,
    • records less than 100 years old.

    Exemptions: The research agreement does not apply to personal information of the donor or information already in the public domain. Any restrictions on this material will be under the direction of the donor at the time of donation, in consultation with relevant UBC library staff.

    Third party personal information covered by the RBSC research agreement:
    • Name, age, weight, height
    • Home address, email address, phone number
    • Racial and / or ethnic origin; sexual orientation; religious or political beliefs or associations
    • Medical information (information related to medical, psychiatric, or psychological history; diagnosis; treatment or evaluation)
    • Income, purchases, spending habits (personal finances, income, assets, liabilities, net worth, bank balances, financial history or activities, creditworthiness)
    • Blood type, DNA code, fingerprints
    • Marital status and religion
    • Employment, occupational or educational history
    • Information compiled and identifiable as part of an investigation into a possible violation of law, except to the extent that the disclosure is necessary to prosecute the violation or to continue the investigation
    • Information obtained on a tax form personal recommendations or evaluations; character references or personal evaluation of third parties

    Disclosure allowed for archival or historic purposes:
    • The third party has been deceased for twenty years, or,
    • If the death date is unknown, if the record has been in existence for 100 or more years.

    Please note: The Research Agreement, once signed, covers current and all future research at Rare Books and Special Collections.